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"A big part of Glynn Village's success is its diversity, from its landscapes to its residents."

Your New Home Awaits in Waukee's Glynn Village

As Hubbell Realty Company's largest conservation community, Glynn Village in Waukee is redefining the good life in Central Iowa. "The ability to live along natural fields and prairies is a big draw," said Joe Pietruszynski, Hubbell's vice president for land development. "Glynn Village also offers the beauty of golf-course living without the golf course."

Since construction started on Glynn Village in 2005, more than 300 homes have been built in this thriving neighborhood in Waukee, which is one of the fastest-growing communities in Iowa. Glynn Village features attractive townhomes, brownstones and single-family homes in a wide range of price points and styles, including ranch, two-story and neo-traditional.

The latest phase of the development includes 135 new home sites, which have all been pre-sold, Pietruszynski said. The homes integrate seamlessly with Glynn Village's open public parklands, walking and biking trails, play areas, community clubhouse, swimming pool and abundant habitat for birds, butterflies and other wildlife.

"The design of the conservation community means no one will build right behind you," said Pietruszynski, who noted that Glynn Village's home prices start around $200,000. "This lets you be closer to nature and enjoy the feel of a spacious lot."


At Glynn Village, people live in ways that are good for them and healthy for the land. "As we've developed Glynn Village, we've focused on the natural fall of the land and have designed around this terrain," Pietruszynski said.

Roughly 40 percent of the 200-acre neighborhood is protected open land. Buffers have been planted near Sugar Creek Golf Course to control soil erosion and help maintain water quality.

Glynn Village is also well-known for its beautiful native prairie landscaping, which is contributing to the restoration of the region's native ecology. The area features an array of prairie plants: purple coneflower, compass plant, prairie blazing star, butterfly milkweed, brome grass, big blue stem and other hardy native plants. Many species of birds, butterflies and other wildlife are attracted to this healthy ecosystem. "We work closely with experts at Iowa State University to plant and maintain the prairie properly," Pietruszynski said.

In addition to providing habitat, the deep-rooted plants help absorb any excess nutrients from lawn fertilizers that enter the prairie areas. The prairie areas are also designed to control stormwater runoff by slowing the momentum of the water. The water then spreads across the land, where it can be absorbed by the native plants. "The prairie acts as a natural biofilter," Pietruszynski said.

Waukee's trails wind throughout this inviting landscape, offering an ideal way to stay active in the community year-round. People of all ages enjoy walking, running and bicycling on the trails in the warmer months, while cross-country skiing is a popular option in the winter. In the near future, Glynn Village will be connected to trails throughout the Des Moines metro area, Pietruszynski said.


With its prime location in the southwest part of the city, Glynn Village is close to local amenities like Sugar Creek Golf Course, the Waukee library, the high school and the YMCA. The neighborhood also offers convenient access to University Avenue on the north, Westown Parkway on the south and Grand Prairie Parkway on the east.

Thanks to these connections, Glynn Village and Waukee are just minutes away from Jordan Creek Town Center in West Des Moines, downtown Des Moines and other popular destinations in the metro area. All these factors enhance Glynn Village's appeal to a wide range of people, from young families to empty nesters.

"A big part of Glynn Village's success is its diversity, from its landscapes to its residents," Pietruszynski said. "This makes for a more vibrant community."

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